A Speacial Gift from SP Threads

Feb 28, 2024 | Street Peace Threads, The Nest

At our Street Peace Christmas Gathering SP Threads created a special gift t-shirt for existing Nest-goers representing the slogan, “Feelz like home”. Accompanied by Psalm 91 on the back, this exclusive piece of merch comes from SP Thread’s NEST COLLECTIVE SERIES.

The Nest Collective is a special line of clothing from Street Peace Threads that looks at presenting the youth that we engage with directly and boldly. Our vision is to release a series of merchandise that is exclusive ONLY to the youth that come into our Nest drop-in centre. We want our youth at the NEST to take ownership of this series, with designs being inspired and sometimes even created by the youth themselves. 

As a family at the NESTwe are one collective, and we want the merch to represent the collective experiences of hope, growth and style that we share together under one roof on a Wednesday night. Because of this, this line of clothing won’t be available to buy for those who don’t attend the NEST regularly.

The “Feelz Like Home” slogan is influenced by our youth finding SP as a place where they can find their true voice, learn their calling in Jesus, and ultimately find comfort in SP being a safe haven for them to grow; a place that they can call home. This have been a common theme for SP throughout 2023 and will doubt continue to be a foundation as we grow as a family in 2024.

Unveiling this exclusive merch for our SP Youth was a huge success at our Nest Christmas Party, they absolutely loved the design and immediately resonated with the vision. Our Nest-goers recognised that through wearing this tee, that they have a true sense of identity together and that there’s ownership and a sense of family when they wear these tees together.

What ensued was a photoshoot with a few members who aren’t too camera shy, repping their exclusive SP Threads merch with pride and style.

When we ask the youth why they come to the NEST, they often explain that it is a place they can be themselves, a place of safety, where they feel seen and heard. Ultimately many have stated that it, “it feels like home’.  If you want to partner alongside Street Peace and help grow the Nest family, we encourage you to do with a donation here.