Christmas at the NEST

Feb 28, 2024 | The Nest

The streets have spoken, and word has gotten out that the Street Peace Christmas party at The NEST was ALL TIME! We love coming together at the end of every year to celebrate the birth of Christ and join together as an SP Family, and this year was no different, hosting the best Christmas Party we have had yet! 

As we started planning and dreaming, we asked the youth at The NEST what they wanted their Christmas to look like. The answer was well unified, they voted on having what their perfect Christmas dinner was, specific games, activities and a gift that would help meet a certain need in their lives. This allowed us to source car loads of donations of kids toys, books and food that our youth could use as presents and bless their friends and families with.

From here, youth were empowered to take hold of the Christmas spirit and generously wrap their gifts to reach other children who may not receive gifts in the Christmas season. The response was nothing short of incredible, with one youth in particular making note that she told her Mum that she would be in charge of getting gifts for her siblings this year, blessing her family with the gifts from Street Peace. Her family was incredibly grateful, as were many others who, if not for Street Peace, would be financially unable to place gifts under the Christmas tree.

Partnering alongside Grace Church, we continued to wrap gifts for our youth in the weeks leading up to Christmas, preparing gifts for almost 90 youth in the Frankston and Peninsula community. These packs ranged from hygiene kits, hair care packs, exclusive t-shirts from SP Threads, stickers, chocolates and hope cards. We even had members of our prayer team prepare unique individual notes of encouragement for our youth.

When the day finally arrived to celebrate Christmas, the buzz and atmosphere was electric! We had some of our boys on the BBQ grill cooking up a storm with kebabs and burgers. The smell wafted through the streets of Frankston as youth came in droves, greeted with big smiles, delicious treats and a family feast that they chose. 

Amongst the feed that kept everyone well and truly full, we played a variety of games including everyone having a go at the pinata kindly donated by one of our incredible Street Peace families. The photo booth on the night was a great success, with plenty of youth creating long lasting memories to take home. By night’s end we had used up over 450 film strips!!

After a family dinner, we cleared up the bonbons and cutlery and all crammed into the church for some classic Christmas stories. Jay had a captive audience, pelting gifts or chocolates at volunteers who knew facts about our King Jesus’ first birthday. One boy’s highlight was receiving a remote control poo as a gift for knowing the gift the wise men brought.

Afterwards the youth received their handwritten messages of love, hope and grace, with many being deeply moved by words that spoke into direct circumstances. The beauty of the birth of Christ began to unravel in this time, with the growing sense of love and joy filling the room. As gift bags were handed out, unique to every youth, you could see through the smiles and laughter just how impactful this night had been.

As we step back and reflect on this night, we are reminded just how powerful the Christmas story is, what it represents, and the impact it can have on a generation. Many youth commented that this was their only Christmas, or the first Christmas they have celebrated. 

“The night ended with such a buzz and a genuine vibe of joyous celebration. We were a family, a family not by birth yet by faith and by love, celebrating King Jesus. It was beautiful.” 

When we see these nights through the lens of Jesus, we recognise that Christmas is so much more than just the presents, the food and the celebration. It’s representation of spreading the gospel truth through the birth of a perfect child, is the greatest gift we truly can give to those around us. We are beyond grateful for the blessing of the gospel, and for being able to come together as a family and celebrate it with the youth of Frankston.

A huge shout out and thanks to the whole team, all the volunteers and all those who generously donated their time, money and cookies. For the work of everyone involved, we say thank you – these events cannot come together without faith, love and sacrifice! If you wish to help support us in hosting more faith-inspired events, we encourage you to donate.