Graffiti art takes on the message of hope in Frankston

Aug 7, 2023 | Street Peace Threads

Frankston has become known for its impressive graffiti wall art throughout the CBD that speaks to culture and heritage background. Street Peace will be the first to commission graffiti wall art in Frankston that shares the love of Jesus.  

Debi De Silva, Outreach Intern and Street Peace Threads store coordinator has been busy setting up the shop display and working with a local Graffiti Artist Hayden aka Silence, to design a graffiti wall that speaks hope and life to the youth of Frankston. ‘Perfect love casts out fear’, from 1 John chapter 4 verse18, is the powerful message that will adorn the main wall in its retail store located right in the heart of Frankston.  

“We are inviting our community to help fund the wall and share in spreading the words of life and love to our Frankston community,” said Debi.  

If you’d like to see this wall come to life, please help Street Peace fund it! Donate here

Please Note: This is an illustration example of the graffiti mural proposed for the Street Peace Threads store. Some details may differ from the actual wall.