Moe outreach

Nov 29, 2023 | Street Peace

The Street Peace team recently met with a number of local churches, youth leaders and ministers in Moe, Victoria as we begin the process of launching our first Street Peace initiative in the Gippsland region.

These meetings and get-togethers were incredibly fruitful, sharing what we as a team have learned over the years outreaching to the Frankston community and the broader impact Street Peace has positively had on youth and criminal activities. We used these meetings with faith leaders as an opportunity to put the call out to the city of Moe for those who are willing to sacrifice time, effort and resources to the Street Peace cause. Because of this, these meetings were just as much of a commissioning statement as they were an informative session. 

As well as meeting with local church leaders, we were able to meet with local law enforcement and councils in an effort to display the heart initiative behind Street Peace and our desire for young people in Moe to find transformation through relationship and faith. The response from the police and council authorities was incredible, with a genuine desire to support when learning more about the Street Peace brand and core values.

We have been greatly encouraged by what took place in Moe and the vision that has been cast for the future ahead. It’s exciting to see so many wanting to partner alongside Street Peace in the community and the opportunity to take what God has blessed us with in Frankston and expand into the wider regions of Victoria.

Watch this space to learn more about how you can partner alongside us in Moe, if you want to support us financially as we look to extend the Street Peace borders, we encourage you to donate.