Outreach ventures out of Frankston

Aug 7, 2023 | Street Peace

Ash Schofield led the Outreach team to reach disengaged youth in Sunshine, Richmond, Dandenong and Hastings last month.

The team at Street Peace knows that the need for positive mentoring relationships for disengaged youth goes beyond Frankston. “We have many churches approach us, to start a Street Peace in their local town,” said Jay Shelling founder of Street Peace. “Disengaged and troubled youth is not just an issue for Frankston.  The need is great, and we need to equip other communities to support their youth.” 

The team also connected with local churches in the area and local shopkeepers to speak to them about local needs.

“The issues for youth go beyond Frankston. The lack of direction and purpose is crippling the next generation. There seems to be a lot of violence and aimless wandering from youth no matter where we go,” said Ash. “We’d love to support other communities to establish Street Peace hubs in the future.” 

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