Pamper & Bowling Night for Street Peace Youth

Apr 19, 2024 | Street Peace

With the extra share time the youth have during the school holidays, the Street Peace outreach team organised a couple of team activities to help foster deeper relationships with our youth.

Outreach Workers, Gina and Debi planned a Prayer and Pamper Night for 12 of our girls at Street Peace Threads store. Different pamper stations were set up for the girls to enjoy including, a meditation and declarations space, facials and nail bar, and a massage chair for the girls to relax.  Debi brought out her design flare in creating positive henna body art and Gina “washed their feet” with a massage foot spa. For dinner, they enjoyed tacos and even a large chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries and other fruit.

“Thank you so much for even having the prayer and pamper night,” said one of the girls. “I benefited a lot from the words that were said and the stories that were shared. I think my favourite moment was opening up and really letting Jesus into my heart last night … I felt so safe being there.”

Street Peace outreach workers Junior and Ash got 12 boys together to play 10-pin bowling and laser tag. The highly competitive crew dared Junior to do 10 pushups for every strike. He ended up doing 180 push-ups!

“The kids dropped their guard and became boys again,” said Junior. “They were able to forget the pressures of their life. They had so much fun and laughed for most of the night.” 

Junior and Ash shared their personal testimonies with the boys and all received prayer. “This really impacted the boys with some of them saying that they wanted to be known as honest and hardworking men and to be able to provide for their families. It was a night they will remember.”

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