Passover at The Nest

Apr 10, 2024 | The Nest

There’s no beef at Street Peace, ONLY Lamb!

The Nest Drop-In Centre for Youth recently held a heartwarming celebration in honour of Passover, bringing together young individuals from diverse backgrounds to commemorate this significant time in history. The event, marked by a spirit of unity and inclusivity, showcased the centre’s commitment to fostering understanding and respect among its attendees.

We revived family traditions by slow-cooking massive lamb roasts for fresh souvlaki!  Collectively we learned the true meaning of Easter and had a very competitive pop quiz on the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

At the heart of the Passover celebration was the retelling of the Exodus story, emphasizing themes of liberation, redemption, and family. Through engaging storytelling sessions and interactive discussions, participants gained insight into the historical significance of Passover and its relevance to Christ crucified and Christ resurrected as the King of Glory!

The gathering provided a unique opportunity for young individuals to explore the cultural and theological connections between Judaism and Christianity, fostering dialogue and understanding among participants from diverse backgrounds. 

Many were spoiled with prizes, and goody bags hand-prepared by mothers and aunties of our local community. 

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