scaling up efforts in outreach

Jun 14, 2023 | Street Peace

Over the last couple of months, Street Peace has extended their team of staff to support the program, with four part-time outreach workers and mentors, as well as supporting roles in program coordination, administration, and communications.

“It’s really important that we have continuity when it comes to youth mentoring, which goes a long way for building trust and relationships with our kids,” says Jay Shelling, Street Peace’s Founder. 

“Our Outreach team goes out multiple times a week to connect with youth on the streets providing for basic needs, such as food and clothing, building consistent mentoring relationships, and running small groups and workshops throughout the week.”

Ash Schofield, who coordinates Street Peace’s outreach efforts, leads the new outreach team. “We hope to develop a genuine community of trusted people, who embrace vulnerable connection and honest accountability,” says Ash. “The at-risk youth we engage with are lacking healthy relationships and are longing for change. We want to provide direction and instill purpose in their lives.”

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