Street Peace volunteers celebrated

Aug 7, 2023 | Street Peace

Last month, Street Peace celebrated their volunteers at the Street Peace Volunteer Appreciation Dinner they held at the new home base. It was an opportunity for them to connect with one another and have their own fun. Many games played and the competition was fierce between Jay and the crew.

Volunteers play a critical role at Street Peace and are trained as youth mentors. “Street Peace’s approach in supporting at-risk youth to transform their lives, regain hope and achieve their goals is built on this evidenced-based framework of restoring trust through relationships of unconditional positive regard between mentors and youth,” said Jay Shelling Founder of Street Peace. 

Volunteers are the lifeline for Street Peace. “Our kids really need good and caring role models in their lives, they need mums and dads to help guide them to make good decisions. It’s great to witness our volunteers be encouraged when they see kids making good choices,” said Jay.

To enquire about becoming a Street Peace volunteer, please contact us.