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Working Amongst at Risk Youth

Our Stories

On The Street


Sarah was kicked out of home by her mother at the age of 13. Her life spiralled out of control with drugs, relationships, and instability.  Since connecting with  SP we have helped her move house, buy groceries, mentored her and loved her. She is part of our Uber Chats Mentoring program

In The Nest


Challenging behaviour of young teens in our city is a real problem. Our drop-in space The Nest is in the heart of Frankston and acts as a bridge for youth to engage with volunteers and mentors. It is a place where lives can change.

On The Job


My mate was working with Street Peace Worx. He said, “Yeah I can get you in,” so we spoke to the boss and I got in! My boss is amazing.  He’s just too kind man, he has a heart, he knows how to love people. He doesn’t hate anyone, anyone!

– Nick

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