Street Peace

Mentoring relationships

Street Peace actively engages and builds strong mentoring relationships with at-risk youth in the Frankston, Mornington Peninsula and Casey Region providing opportunities for relational connection, training, employment and transformative change.

Mentoring is a powerful, transformative tool designed to generate pro-social behaviours and develop the confidence and self esteem of youth through their experience of relationships of unconditional positive regard. Mentors acting as role models demonstrate positive relational dynamics both with young people and in their interactions and culture setting with other mentors and staff. Mentoring allows young people to develop strong interpersonal skills and regain a sense of hope about their future.

The Nest

A Drop-in centre has been described by social sector researchers as ‘an invaluable safety net for homeless youth by helping them meet both basic needs (e.g., food, hygiene, clothing), as well as “higher-level” needs such as…individual and group counselling, independent living skills and job training, and school drop-out prevention’ (Pedersen et al, 2016). Studies also show that youth experiencing homelessness are more than twice as likely to access drop-in centres than shelters, and drop-in centres have higher utilisation rates by youth than other services for medical, substance use and mental health needs (Pedersen et al, 2016). This data indicates that drop-in centres, as highly accessible and non-threatening spaces, represent a vital point of engagement for hard-to-reach and disengaged youth. 


Uber Chats

During this crazy COVID time we want to make it easy for the youth to hang out with us online at Street Peace while Uber Eats delivers their favourite food to their doorstep. We want them to take advantage of this time to get to know their mentors and share a meal.

Why do we need Uber Chats?

As depression and suicides increase in our community, our major concern is for the kids’ mental health.  Isolation for many of our youth is a huge problem – so we’ve created an engaging program that brings community right to their door – Who doesn’t love hanging out over a burger or a pizza? Not only do we get to feed the youth but the mentors get to hang out over a meal and encourage them every week

Street Peace Worx

Street peace worxs

SP Worx is an employment program providing youth with the necessary skills to become job-ready and integrate into the workforce. This program employs disengaged and hard-to-reach youth who have little formal training and a low level of employability skills. We take the time, patience and effort to teach young people both practical and soft employability skills through intensive mentoring.

Your sponsorship provides mentoring for at-risk youth